Renewed Wellness Body Care’s primary focus is caring for the whole mind and body. We want to help bring you into an inner peace within the mind and the body, while educating you on how to do so. To start, we will offer a variety of natural and organic skincare options, ranging from skin serums to eye treatments. The journey to transitioning our own skin to natural skincare products was not an easy one. Being best friends for over 20 years, and living the fast paced lifestyle of a nurse and a teacher didn’t help.

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Glow Repair Serum

Collagen-boosting moisture complex. Your customers will instantly fall in love with the Pro-Repair Serum featuring star ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid. HA is not just a trendy filler, it’s one of the most exceptionally beneficial ingredients on the market. Naturally produced in the body, hyaluronic acid is capable of holding 1,000X its weight in water, in turn replenishing moisture that is crucial for younger-looking, plump skin.